Nachtrag: The White Horse Theatre presented: The Picture of Dorian Gray


On the 2nd of August we watched the dramatic play “The picture of Dorian Gray”, presented by the White Horse Theatre Group.

I really liked it, so I would give them a rating of five stars.

The play is about a beautiful young man named Dorian Gray, who is painted by the artist Basil Hallward. Dorianˋs wish to stay young gets fulfilled by the painting of him. Instead of Dorian his picture ages. Soon Dorian falls in love with the actress Sybil Vane, but breaks her heart after a poor performance, causing her to commit suicide. Dorian keeps living a scandalous and passionate lifestyle while others suffer from his bad influence. Dorian remains young, but his picture becomes more awful and ugly with each of his actions. In the end he starts to become aware of the bad and cruel things he has done, but maybe it is too late for him to change…

What I really admire is how well the actors acted their roles and how they switched between them. In addition I understood their English well. The only thing I found a bit confusing were the three metal frames which symbolized different things like a picture frame, streets, doors or other places, but the White Horse Theatre Group’s impressive acting compensated this little confusion.

All in all the play was definitely worth watching it and the actors‘ performances were brilliant. It was a great experience I can highly recommend.

by H. Rienäcker (11)

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